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I’m Featured On Blogger Love

This year I want to dip my toe in the world of creating content for other blogs and not just my own. I have seen many other bloggers do this but have always been scared to approach anyone in case I wasn’t that interesting or my writing wasn’t good enough. Then I saw a fellow blogger, Emma from Em’s World, …

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Life Is Changing

The last two weeks have felt like they whizzed by in a blur of emotions that I didn’t anticipate. The week in the lead up to P2 finishing her preschool years felt bittersweet. We had sports day and even that made me well up with emotions. One of the Mum’s arranged a little get together for the girls leaving and …

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Hosting A Disney Party Play Date

I definitely think that planning a children’s party is definitely something that makes me very anxious. I worry about all the things I might forget or that something will go drastically wrong. The Disney Store recently got in contact with me to let me know about their Disney Party section on the website and they asked if I’d like to …

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