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Siblings 2018 – November

Anybody else feeling a little uneasy that it’s Christmas next month. The end of another year. Obviously Christmas time is really magical but I just feel like this year has gone so much faster than any other year. This past month has zoomed by incredibly fast and I’ve actually not taken many, if any, photos during November of my girls …

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Siblings 2017 – June

This month has been a bit of a rollercoaster of weather changes hasn’t it! One minute it is warm and bright, the next the clouds open and we end up in a lightening storm with thunder. I’ve been finding it really hard to know what to dress myself in, let alone the girls. Thankfully we’ve had more warmer days despite …

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Family Dynamics

Families are funny little creatures. We all have one. It doesn’t just end at your parents or siblings, oh no, it extends to great lengths really. My family itself is totally confusing. My mum has been married three times, I have a younger half brother and a younger step sister. I have a stepdad, who’s family alone would confuse you. …

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