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Hunky Monkey. I Love You!

I’ve been feeling really connected with my OH recently. There’s been a boost of both our efforts with each other and it’s made such a difference. Last night, unexpectedly P2 fell asleep and my OH and I chatted for hours. About the past, about the future, about us and about everything really! I love evenings like those. They feel magical. …

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Gym Session Or Relax Session?!

Since our weekend away I’m happier, I think my OH is happier and our lives together is a lot more calmer. On Monday night we enjoyed another baby-free evening together. I always love being on my own with my OH because it reminds me that we are still “normal” people deep down. We still have a relationship that the fire …

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Date Night

My OH and I managed to grab some couple time for the first time since the day before I gave birth to P2! 10 weeks is a long time for us, we used to get couple time at least once a week, usually twice. I missed being with him. So I took the opportunity to put on some nice clothes on, …

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