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11/31: My 5 Favourite Movies

I used to watch films all the time but as my family grows there’s less and less of the uninterrupted moments. I love most films but when I really think about it these five come up first: 1) Twilight Saga. All of them. I think it’s the only movie series where all movies are just as good as the first! …

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Lalaloopsy Ponies The Big Show DVD Review

Lalaloopsy has arrived into our house in full swing. We’d only ever seen tv adverts for their toys and P1 was desperate for some so I was rather excited to be offered the chance of reviewing their new DVD, Lalaloopsy Ponies – The Big Show.For a little girl who isn’t keen on buttons, don’t ask, this DVD is a complete …

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“It’s 1996. I’m starring as Mary”

It’s 1996. I’m starring as Mary along side my class mate who is Joseph for the afternoon. I’m wearing a long blue dress that I keep tripping on. Joseph has dropped baby Jesus and the audience of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are laughing. I’m nervous and shy as I look out to see my Grandad with his bulky camcorder …

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