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Letter To My Princess 3 – 13 Months

To my Princess 3, You still look so much like a baby to me yet your personality is growing older by the day. You’re 13 months and there’s no hiding you are far from that tiny little newborn you once were. Since your birthday you have taken more and more steps. You’ll nearly walk the whole length way of our …

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Trunki ToddlePak Purple Review

The moment P2 learnt that are feet meant independence and took those first wobbly steps we knew she was going to cause trouble! Within a few days she was fast, very fast, and interested in absolutely everything she shouldn’t be, like cupboards and stairs. Trips out quickly became the most stressful thing in our lives. Hubby and I were unable …

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“Our little lady took her first ever unaided step”

The fact the P2 is growing up in a super rapid motion has really slapped us in the face the past few days. On Saturday our little lady took her first ever unaided step. Completely out of the blue. 6 months earlier than her big sister. Then tonight, over and over again she’s let go of something and taken not …

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