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Autism, First Period & The Modibodi RED Period Pants

Clearly from the title, this is a blog post all about menstrual cycles. If you are a lady or have a daughter then this is certainly a blog post you’ll want to read. However, if this isn’t your thing (which to be honest why isn’t it, we’re in 2020 for goodness sake?) then there are lots of other blog posts …

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Disney Magic Kingdom For The First Time #12

I am literally bouncing off of the walls to finally share our Disney days. This post is all about our time at Magic Kingdom which was the first of four days at Walt Disney World Orlando.  It contains a lot of photos, I had to put them all in collages because I literally took hundreds. Our tickets to Disney World …

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Riding Her Bike For The First Time

Those first moments are so incredible as a parent. It’s so hard to explain but they just give you this warm fuzzy feeling you wish you could bottle and keep forever. I feel incredibly lucky that I chose to write about my life online. That I chose this way to document it all rather than in scrapbooks. I can look …

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