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Pregnancy Diaries – 38 Weeks #3

My 38 week pregnancy with P2 was quite different to this pregnancy. I had terribly itchy skin and was feeling quite ill. This week I’ve been feeling very uncomfortable, especially in the evenings. I’m getting frequent tightenings but only in the evening. It’s like my body is telling me to rest even though it’s pretty much all I have been …

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Pregnancy Diaries – 37 Weeks #3

I’m classed as term officially. There’s still three more weeks until my due date but knowing that I’m actually term makes me feel a little more relaxed. I’m in agony today. I’m not sleeping thanks to P2, who seems to think from 1-4am is the time to be completely unsettled and I’m up every 15-30minutes resettling her. It’s exhausting. Plus …

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37 Weeks Of Pregnancy

I’m 37 weeks pregnant today! I don’t think I can put in words how amazing this feels to me. It’s a huge milestone – one not many believed I’d see! Ok yes my pregnancy is not technically over until I’m 40 weeks or 41 when I get induced but if my P2 arrives now she’ll be classed as full term. …

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