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Bliss Buggy Push in Sevenoaks Chronicle Newspaper

After the school run this morning I immediately went to our local newsagent to grab myself a copy of the Sevenoaks Chronicle. There outside on a huge poster was the words “Mums’ Charity Buggy Push”. I huge rush of achievement fell over me. I feel so proud to have raised awareness for Bliss and to share our story. Here’s a …

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“I was a new mum to a premature baby at just the age of 16”

When I was pregnant with P1 I was expecting to have her in February 2009. She had other plans. Eager to meet her family and be introduced into the very scary world, P1 arrived in December 2008 just in time for Christmas, Christmas Eve! She weighed 4lbs 13oz which was a really good weight considering she was nearly two months …

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Bliss Cake A Difference & Buggy Push 2014

Recently, on the bottom of my posts I’ve been including links to some online donating pages for the charity, Bliss. I hope you noticed them! As you all know, because I bang on about it all the time, I’m a mother of a premature baby. My first born. My little ray of sunshine who fought through her first few weeks …

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