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Eva’s 7th Birthday

Eva had a birthday countdown going for weeks ahead of the big day. Each day we’d hear just how many days it was until the 6th of February. To be honest it wouldn’t have surprised me if she knew how many hours it was too! There was no room for us to forget. As each year passes, I find it …

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An 11th Christmas Eve Birthday

Not only is Christmas Eve the exciting day before Christmas, but it’s also our eldest daughters birthday.  After living in denial during the lead up to her 10th birthday last year, this birthday was really exciting and I felt like everything was organised for her as she turned a huge 11 years of age! Freya always wakes up early but …

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My 26th & Her 4th Birthday Celebrations

When it comes to documenting our personal moments, I’ve become a bit slow. In fact with regards to this one I’ve been six months slow! Back in September Elsa and I celebrated our birthdays, I took photos and videos and completely forgot to share the milestones over here. So here I am, in March, many months after the events to …

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