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The General Election & The MADS Blog Awards

So today, we packed the kids up and headed to our local polling station. I felt really nervous actually. I have no idea how the whole “politics” thing works and I certainly haven’t been following each party to know what they are promising. I woke this morning and had a quick look over each party’s websites to see if anything …

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New mothers ‘bribed to breastfeed’ by NHS with £200 shopping vouchers

I breastfed for 6 months. Exclusively. Rarely gave expressed breastmilk and never gave formula. Right up until 6 months. I didn’t wake up and decide that I wasn’t going to breastfeed anymore. P2 decided one day that she just wasn’t interested anymore. The pain I felt emotionally of her decision was overwhelming! I never imagined myself to be a mother …

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Where Are You? Why Aren’t You?

Since researching and reviewing Green Pomelo cloth nappies I’ve been really aware of everything nappy related and washable related. I actually love cloth nappies now and I’m certainly converted. But the ease of buying things for them is difficult. They don’t sell cloth nappies in stores but there’s a whole aisle of disposable nappies and wipes!! On the tv, there’s …

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