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Letter To My Nan – 4 Months

Hi Nan, I’m really struggling this month accepting that I’ll never see you again or be able to feel your warm arms around me as our glasses clash when we hug. I miss you! Grandad wasn’t very imaginative with the Christmas presents this year, he definitely needs you to guide him on that one. I did all our Christmas shopping …

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Letter To My Nan – 3 Months

Hi Nan, Things aren’t getting any easier. I try to talk about you every day with P1 but you know her, she just wants to talk about something else or play. I showed P2 the photo I have of you on the window seal, she stroked your face which left me emotional. I keep having the sudden realisation that she’ll …

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The Death Of My Nan 3rd September 2013

Hi Nan, I briefly saw you this morning, I say this morning but now it’s actually yesterday, we joked about how it was half past nine in the morning and you were still in bed. I told you how P1 had got on going into school. Then I left. I didn’t kiss you goodbye like I have been recently as …

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