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What’s In My Bag, The Mummy Edition

I really enjoy watching What’s In My Bag videos on YouTube. It’s a simple way to be nosy but also to get some ideas. Sometimes I am literally shocked at the amount of stuff people have in their bags. A whole makeup kit or enough nappies to last a week. I just don’t think it is necessary and I have …

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Insjo Saimaa Sweet Peach bagINbag Review

I am slowly venturing into the world of having my own handbag. For seven years I have sported the changing bag look, and despite there being many very fashionable versions out there, I’ve never owned one. But the girls are getting bigger and needing much less when we head out of the house so it’s about time I start to …

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Outfits of a Petite Mum

I suppose it was so typical of me to fall in love with a 6ft man being only 4ft 7 and a bit (The bit being important). When I first met him my fashion sense was pretty boring and I wore some hideous brown “ugg” type boots. I’m quite surprised that Hubby fell in love with me but thankfully he …

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