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Pregnancy Diaries – 33 Weeks #3

Being 33 weeks pregnant is a sort of milestone for me. At 33+1 I gave birth to P1. It feels really odd when I think about it, there’s still quite a way to go yet it’s also literally just around the corner. Reaching 33 weeks gives me a reassurance that things can be ok! I’m really hoping the remaining weeks …

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Pregnancy Diaries – 27 Weeks #3

I was looking through my Facebook pictures today and comparing P2s bump to this one. I think I was bigger/rounder with P2 than P3. What do you think?? I’m not quite controlling my hip and back pain anymore. In fact I’m really struggling some days. It’s like a pain where you really need to click a bone but it just …

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Pregnancy Diaries – 18 Weeks #3

I think I’m ready to start sharing photos of my growing bump. I don’t feel like I have a bump when I look down at myself but after taking my second bump photo the whole of this pregnancy I’ve realised I do have a tiny one forming.My sickness is still there on occasional days, but I think I’m managing it …

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