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LOL Surprise Doll Makeover Series #HairGoals Party

I know that we are not supposed to be gender stereotypical these days, but my girls love a bit of girly pampering. Hair, nails and makeup. Glitter and pink. They adore it all! I was very excited to tell them that we had been invited to head to London for a morning of pampering with L.O.L Surprise. It was a …

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L.O.L Surprise Pearl Surprise Review

I’m back again with another L.O.L Surprise review. Since the last one which was our first ever experience of this new and exciting craze, we were bought a few of the pet versions by my Mum. That was an exciting day! Well now we’ve been sent this huge L.O.L Surprise Pearl Surprise ball. We only had one which caused a …

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Our First L.O.L Surprise Confetti Pop Review

Somehow we’ve managed to steer clear of the craze that is hitting little girls across the world. The L.O.L Dolls. I remember there being huge hype over the large edition ones that cost loads of money and it sort of put me off because I didn’t know enough. Then we were sent three of the L.O.L Surprise Confetti Pop balls to open …

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