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Parenting With Social Anxiety

My name is Jodie and I suffer from Social Anxiety. I have tried on numerous occasions to pinpoint a specific thing that may have started or caused my anxiety. Some sort of trauma in my life. I had a rocky start in life but these were things that happened to me as a baby and not something I remember personally. …

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You Are Not A Failure, You Are Not Alone

Today I realised I am not alone. This sounds silly because there’s honestly so much coverage on the topic that I’m talking about, yet I still felt very lonely. Being a mum of three is hard work. They are draining. They are a constant. I always feel I’m not good enough for them, that they could be having a better …

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Special Needs Diary #13 – A Long Needed Update On Our Autism Journey

It’s been nearly a whole year since I last updated or spoke properly about P1’s special needs. It has been such an exhausting year but I think that we are heading in the right direction finally. I learn new things about P1 each day yet it’s hard to actually pin point the differences when people ask us. How do you …

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