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“Separation anxiety”

Our littlest lady is experiencing major withdrawal symptoms from her big sister today. It started this morning. My hubby got up with P2 and snuggled her into bed with us. It was 9am so a major lay in anyway.   She spent the whole of the 30 minutes staring at the door and calling, in the way we know is …

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Why Do You Ask These Things?

It’s hard to answer questions you don’t have the answers to. Last time we had this conversation I was pregnant, and I’d cried so much that I’d made myself physically sick. How do you answer a four year olds question to why see doesn’t see her biological father?! If I know where they live why can’t I speak to them?! …

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I’m Missing Out On Things

Look at the frown on that face!! P2 has become more reluctant to fall asleep in her bouncer or car seat. In fact she’s quite reluctant to fall asleep anywhere during the day. And when she eventually does, it’s for a quick half hour power nap… and that’s if we’re lucky! I don’t know if this is an age thing?! …

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