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ASDA Little Angels Day & Night Pants Review

The saying that every child is different, most definitely runs accurate in my house. We have three girls and each one of them is extremely different. Not only personality wise but with their developmental milestones too. P1 was very different, she was hitting things late due to her being premature and so things like crawling, walking and even toilet training …

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Pampers #SagGoneGrooveOn

A saggy nappy. We all know them. The type that hangs off your baby’s hips, dangling soggy and wet between their legs. It is making me cringe just thinking about it. I have OCD when it comes to nappies. It has to be on just so or I am forced to redo it, five times if need be. I have …

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#PampersPooface – Cotton Wool VS Pampers Sensitive Wipes

As a parent we can pretty much guarantee when our children are about to or doing a poo just by looking at their facial expression. Pampers have recently released a hilarious video that celebrates that pooface and it is so super cute! It’s funny because I really do remember P1 and P2 having a pooface, they still do now, but …

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