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Why Do Babies Cry?

Babies: For newborns, crying is their main way of communicating. Toddlers: Toddlers cry because they’re hungry, tired, uncomfortable or need affection – just like babies. Preschoolers and school-age children: Children tend to cry less as they get older. Once they can talk, it’s much easier for them to tell you why they’re upset and what they need. Why do we …

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“Separation anxiety”

Our littlest lady is experiencing major withdrawal symptoms from her big sister today. It started this morning. My hubby got up with P2 and snuggled her into bed with us. It was 9am so a major lay in anyway.   She spent the whole of the 30 minutes staring at the door and calling, in the way we know is …

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Shopping Trips With A Newborn

I thought the 40 Acts challenge today was quite fitting really as I had plans to go to Primark Lakeside to spend my Christmas money from my Nan. Anyone who knows Primark shops know that you walk in and it’s like a jumble sale. Clothes everywhere you look. Including the floor! But when you arrive at 10am it’s like a …

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