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Groggy Summers Day

I really hate storms. Call me childish, but they are scary. I don’t know why or where my feeling of nervousness comes from. The moment I heard the very loud, very angry grumble of thunder I immediately snuggled up to my OH. He slept through the first few hours of the storm! We seem to have finally cracked P2s awful …

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Hospital Admittance – Again!

Following my perfect night sleep came a dreadful day. I was happy and motivated and began work on my business spreadsheets. A few minutes later I had little white dots which spread across my vision to prevent me from looking at things properly. This was an indication of my migraines I used to have when on the full contraceptive pill. …

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No More?!

We worked out that P1 has four nursery sessions left. That’s just two more weeks before the government funding finishes and I’ll be taking her out of nursery until she starts school in September. I’m feeling really sad about the whole situation for several reasons. P1 has been going to the same nursery since she was 10months old. She wasn’t …

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