Taking A Break With An Autumn Walk & A Vlog

We recently had three consecutive holidays. We had two mini breaks and the epic holiday to Orlando. They all came at once and we were so super lucky but I was bound to feel the holiday blues when we returned to England. Those blues have really hit.

The two weeks before our holidays were the most stressful that I’ve felt in a long time as we scrambled together applications for five passports. My emails, my blog work and my personal life sort of got forgotten. Everything began to pile up around me without me paying too much attention to it.

We have been home for over a week and during the time I have literally spent all day, every single day, at the computer. Editing photos, editing videos and writing. It’s actually been wearing me down pretty hard. I think Hubby could see the immense stress I’ve been feeling and suggested we all take a break and go to the local nature trail.


Of course, that suggestion alone made me a little anxious as the time I spent out of the house could have been spent inside the house actually getting the cause of the stress done. However I needed a break. We wrapped up warm and headed for an autumn walk. The nature trail has changed quite significantly recently so I was excited to see that.


They’ve always had a cute selection of animals there; pigs, ducks, chickens and goats. But they’ve added birds of prey to the mix too. As you wander round there are cages dotted about with a variety of owls and birds of prey. Although they only have their names on them at the moment, it was really interesting to get close to such beautiful creatures.


I always thought I hated autumn. But breathing the fresh air, seeing the different colours of the leaves and spending time away from my computer screen made me appreciate autumn for all of its magical glory. I’m thankful for the little break I had and am considering doing a bit of a digital detox once I’ve caught up with my assignments and before I plunge into vlogmas over on my YouTube channel.

Do you ever feel so incredibly run down that you feel like you can’t climb back on top? How do you lift your mood?

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