Taking My Grandad To Kent Life

Firstly I wanted to thank everyone for all of their well wishes regarding my Grandad. I haven’t updated on here for a while but he’s doing ok! Currently he’s been living with my Mum, still has a catheter attached and has no vision back in his right eye despite laser treatment.

He worried me, he still does, but every day that goes by he’s gaining more strength and confidence back. Back to the Grandad I’ve always known. I love that he’s staying close with my Mum and that now my Mum is working from home, I get to see them both much more.

Back in the Easter holidays my Mum came with my Grandad to pick us up for a little day out. Sadly P1 was at her Easter Holiday School so wasn’t with us but it allowed us to have some quality time with P2 and P3. We headed to Kent Life in hope that my Grandad wouldn’t get too worn out as it’s a smaller venue but also to entertain the kids and spend quality time with my Grandad.

The weather wasn’t great. I’d made sure the girls were in their waterproof clothing so that it wouldn’t dampen (no pun intended) our day. Kent Life is a Farm and museum. We’ve been once before, a good few years ago now and had a really good time. As it was Easter there were a few things for us to see and do. It was also surprisingly busy for the weather.

I could definitely tell that my Grandad wasn’t as confident on his feet as he was just a few months ago. But actually he was doing really well considering how ill he was just a few weeks prior. It was funny because my Grandad is known for wandering off and I kept looking round to check he hadn’t disappeared but actually he was constantly telling us if he was drifting afar.

The girls go to hold a rabbit and guineapig, pet a chicken and feed sheep. They were able to play in the playground, soft play and they had such a cute little lunchbox too. I felt happy to be with my Mum and my Grandad on a day out.

The girls took advantage of Nanny in the toy shop and then we headed back to our house to pick P1 up and grab some fish & chips too. It was such a lovely day, of course I filmed it so please check out my video and don’t forget to subscribe.

I’d definitely recommend Kent Life for a day out with children. We had a great time!

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  1. Elizabeth Cole

    I hope your Grandad gets his strength back soon.

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