Out In The Wilderness From Tales By Mail

There are hundreds of different subscription boxes now on the market, anything from crafts and baking, to gardening and reading. There will definitely be something for everyone out there. But it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed with the choices available.

We’ve been lucky enough to explore some over the years and most recently Eva was sent the Tales By Mail April box called Out In The Wilderness. We excitingly have a discount code to share with you, if you enter JODIE5 at the checkout you’ll receive 5% off your subscription. 

What’s it all about you ask?

Tales By Mail is a bi-monthly book subscription box. This means that you’ll receive a box through the post every other month. It’s designed for readers of the ages 8-12 years, however, every child is different so some younger and some older could enjoy this subscription too.

Every box includes two brilliant books, exclusive chronicle pages, plus games, activities and surprises.

You can subscribe to a solo box or a siblings box which I love. The siblings’ box has an extra set of Chronicle pages and gifts added in but sharing of the two books would need to happen.

The subscription price varies depending on the payment plan you pick, but a Solo box from Tales By Mail starts at £19.50 every other month and a Sibling box starts at £24.50. I did a quick google of the prices of each book that we received to check on the value for money, and this does work out at great value as you get the gifts and other extras added in too.

Did we enjoy this subscription box?

Eva was thrilled to have her own subscription box, she’s specifically been after some “chapter books” for a long time now. We loved how the gifts and books were wrapped up in orange tissue paper and sealed with a sticker. It gave a more luxurious feel compared to some other subscription boxes we’ve tried previously.

Inside the Out In The Wilderness box, Eva received a welcome membership patch to sew on to her clothing or a bag etc. Then there was a selection of cards which I now know are called Chronicle Pages. You can store these in a separately bought ring binder as you start collecting through the subscription. I’ll explain a little further what was on these cards in a moment.

This specific box came with three books, the two usual subscription books and a bonus book. It also had an Out In The Wilderness Snood and Pin badge, and two bookmarks matching the two subscription books.

The Chronicle Pages & Other Challenges/Benefits

Reading books can be an exciting adventure for children and it’s so important for their language and literacy development. As a child, I spent many hours reading and would regularly spend my lunchtimes in the library. It’s a real imagination booster.

Eva finds reading a little challenging, she has the desperate want to get stuck into books but her lack of focus makes completing a book rather tricky. I love that Tales By Mail includes an extra Challenge Championships card where you can complete certain tasks and receive exclusive pin badges to add to your collection. This has definitely urged Eva to read more often since getting her box, however, she is yet to complete a book.

The Chronicle Pages are a space to write a little review and hear a short passage from the Authors of the books included. There’s also an activity card with two activities on which help build upon a child’s reading experience. The activities in this box were themed around the Out In The Wilderness topic and included things like making a bird feeder and collecting rainwater to water plants.

There’s also a podcast available for members too.

Final Thoughts

I personally think Tales By Mail is a brilliant quality book subscription box. Eva has found the books quite challenging to engage with – she’s 8 years old on the lower end of the recommended age group.

However, Freya who is 12 years old has borrowed and read through two of the books. She’s loved them and is a bit of a book worm.

Although the subscription is costly, I do believe it’s worth the price as it’s not a monthly outgoing. Don’t forget if you enter JODIE5 at the checkout you’ll receive 5% off your subscription. So even cheaper. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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