Talking About Sleep With Arla Big Milk #BigSteps

I am beginning to think I should be editing the caption of my blog to “A Blog From The Heart Of A Sleep Deprived Mum” because quite frankly, that’s all I seem to be blogging about lately. Sleep is a sore subject for me and that’s due to the lack of it. When I read back on when P1 was younger I clearly thought I had it tough when she’d be awake from 6am, the way I’d moan about it it was like it was illegal. But actually she has been the one child out of my three that has been pretty awesome when it comes to sleep and I want to publicly apologise to her for any time I told her off for being awake when it was still dark. From about 10 months this lady of mine has slept through a good 7pm until 8am. She is the definition of a child that sleeps through.


My problems lie with this madam, my second born and middle child. She has never been a good sleeper and right at this moment in time she is the worst of all three. It’s crazy to think that she will be three years old in February because her sleep pattern is much worse than a newborns. An average night for her sees bedtime at 7pm or a little earlier with a bottle of milk. She will then stir around 10pm crying out for milk until she gets it. Then from somewhere between midnight and 7am she will wake every hour. I’m not even exaggerating that. She has an addiction to milk, it isn’t the comfort from sucking a bottle, it’s the milk itself.


You’d think I wouldn’t want to make the same mistake twice right, well I didn’t think I was to begin with. P3 was a really good sleeper, obviously not perfect as she had her own issues when she arrived which caused many sleepless nights or nights on the sofa with her. But when she got better a good night for her was waking twice, sometimes only once at around 4am. This was amazing and I felt so thankful but of course really it didn’t mean anything because I was still waking for her sister. Then the past month or so, maybe more, she has been waking a lot. Even coming into our bed from the very early hours and spending the night with her face squished against either Hubby’s arm or my face depending on who’s in the middle, me or her.


I don’t truly know where the problems lie, but my first thought  is that it could be down to their milk intake. The pair of them consume so much during the night and although it’s a good thing for their bone development, it’s a tiring thing. My steps forward are to reduce the milk they have during the night by allowing a little bit of crying with P2 and switch to Big Milk, a milk specifically designed for children aged 1-5 that has added Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin A. This will give me peace of mind that they are getting exactly what they need each night.


Until then, each and every night I cross my fingers and hope that it will be the night that one of them, or both, will take a big step and sleep through the night. A baby’s first milestone, only now it’ll be a toddler and a child. When did your child first sleep through? Babies are all different. Arla Big Milk are asking for you to enter the #BigSteps competition by sharing a picture of your baby doing something for the first time. Don’t forget to give Arla a follow on Facebook and Twitter for exciting updates and competitions.

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  1. I have one good and one bad sleeper, so exhausted! feel your pain! I just pray they grow out of it!

  2. It must be so tiring for you and them if your child is a poor sleeper. Maybe make sure they have lots ot drink in the day to keep them hydrated but only give one warm milky drink at bedtime

  3. I’ve been very luckily with Blake sleeping through from about 6 weeks old. I keep saying if we have another it won’t surprise me if he/she would end up being the child that won’t sleep.

  4. Awesome! I had no idea this existed.
    Hayden is allergic to dairy but glad these kind of milks are around for kids.
    Great post hun
    Charlotte x

  5. I totally understand where you are coming from. My eldest was my worst sleeper but he’s 6 now and ha grown out of it, eventually! I hope you manage to get some extra zzz’s soon x

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