I had my nails done… For the first time in years!!!

My paid job, when I’m not on maternity leave or being a mum, is quite hard on your hands. I’d paint my nails and they’d be chipped the next day… Hence why I always changed my nail colour pretty much daily.

Well that all stopped when I became a mother of two. I’ve been too busy to even think about painting my nails! I decided to get some fake ones done, although I hadn’t decided whether I wanted gel or acrylic until I was sat with the lady holding my hands. She said she could do gels better, and I obviously wanted pretty nails.
20130425-095153 PM.jpg
P2 decided to cry for the first ten minute, but then fell asleep so I could enjoy some pamper time!

I’m not going to lie, I’m touching things all delicately and it’s rather “tappy” when I use my phone. Oh and not to mention changing a nappy when you’re not used to gel nails.

In still learning… But I’m very pleased with the result.

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