Tara Binns Eagle-Eyed Pilot Book Review

If you are a regular reader you will know that I’m partial to reading proper real books. I’m yet to buy a kindle or use an app on my phone to read. The girls love to read, whether it’s by being read to or even P1 reading herself and of course flicking through the pictures. They love it.

We were recently sent a copy of the new Tara Binns series by Lisa Rajan & Eerika Omiyale. The aim of this series is to counter gender stereotyping. Gender stereotyping is certainly a topic of popular discussion. The series of books have been specifically written to enhance big ideas of little girls.


The series and the Eagle-Eyed Pilot follows a young girl, Tara Binns as she runs around an old costume box in the attic. She is transported into a pilots outfit, one she wouldn’t normally choose, and is taken on an adventure.

The book is in a rhyming fashion and P1 and P2 loved it. The illustrations are wonderful to look at and appealing to children. I did find that some words seemed a little too old for the targeted audience to understand but the storyline was gripping. P1 told me herself that she thought a pilot costume was for boys so this book is certainly doing what it was intended to do!

You can buy your own copy of Tara Binns Eagle-Eyed Pilot for £6



Value for money

An excellent girly read for young girls. Brilliantly illustrated and written

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