Tasty Toddler Frozen Meals With Annabel Karmel

It definitely feels like Annabel Karmel has been by my side throughout my parenting journey. Right from the very beginning of teaching my first born to eat real food, Annabel was there with her handy weaning books for advice, recipes and tricks. For a first time mum, I needed that gentle nudge.

I feel very lucky to have been able to work with Annabel Karmel and even meet her a few times too. Her team always send me the most gorgeously packed gifts full of useful items and the recent one was exactly that. We had a large box packed with interesting bits to make mealtimes easier and smoother for us busy parents.


To celebrate the launch of Annabel Karmel’s Freezer Favourites my package included her complete range of Tasty Toddler Frozen Meals, Annabel Karmel’s Busy Mum’s Cookbook, a Bear Tumbler from Buddy+Bear, Eat Me Melamime Picnic Plate from Peas-in-a-Pod and the BRRRRR Ice Tray from Black + Blum.

I have tried many different ready meals and have delved loosely into the world of children’s ready meals. My girls have never really been that fussed by them so we tend to stay clear. Strangely enough my girls are into adult style meals and we usually eat as a family and we eat the same things. However, we have many evenings where things get too rush and we end up slacking at dinner time. I feel immense guilt when I filled up the kettle for a quick noodle meal in a pot.


Annabel Karmel’s Tasty Toddler Frozen Meals are packed with goodness. Each of the five different meal choices contribute to one of your five a day. They are low in salt, no artificial additives or preservatives and what’s better is that they are ready in minutes. There’s no slaving in the kitchen required and it means that on those rushed evenings, and even some lunchtimes, the girls are able to get a decent meal.

The four different meal choices are; Mummy’s Fish Pie, Hidden Veggie Bolognese, Chicken Tomato & Mascarpone Pasta and Tasty Beef Cottage Pie. They are suitable from twelve months onwards. The meals are made in the UK and are cooked from frozen in two ways; oven for 20-25 minutes or in the microwave for 5 minutes and 30 seconds.


I decided to cook two meals in the microwave for the girls to try. The Bolognese and the Cottage Pie. Both sort of the same flavours. The girls had a little argument about who was having the new plate and tumbler but once that was diverted, they sat down to eat together.

All three of them adored the Bolognese. Even our usually quite fussy, P3 was munching it down like there was no tomorrow. I felt super confident that although I had just microwaved a ready meal for them, they were actually having a really nutritious meal. I found that the pack/portion sizes were just right. 


I personally quite liked the Fish Pie flavours wih a creamy sauce and the Pasta version was just as nice although the girls didn’t shovel it down like the others. You can find them in Tesco online and in store and each meal costs around £2 which I think is a really good price to make evenings a little easier.

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Value For Money


Brilliant easy to cook meals that are healthy for your children.

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  1. Yums! These sound great for being a ready made meal. I’m a bit funny about ready made food but would definitely try these out because they’re nutritious and convienient!x

  2. Steph (@steph_baybee)

    They sound really great, I like having some quick go to meals for the kids.

  3. We love AK fresh meals, so I really must give these a try. I’m all for ease on a school night! x

  4. Sounds like such a good way to encourage children to eat healthier foods, that is also convenient and easy for parents. My son is so fussy. Will have to give these a try and see how he get’s on. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ah what a lovely package of goodies to receive…the meals look delicious and such good value for money too! xx

  6. The meals look great and so affordable too. I always have a little stash of quick frozen meals in the freezer for those moments when I don’t fancy cooking!

  7. I love the choice on offer. I like the sound of all those meals and the fact that they contain 1 of your 5 a day is brilliant xx

  8. I’m all for easy meals with the kids. These ones sound really good as they are nutritionally balanced x

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