Technology + Children = ?!

So we stole borrowed my OHs iPad for half an hour today. It amazes me how accustomed my 4 year old is with technology. We love Apple products; my OH and I have iPhones, I have an Apple Mac and my OH has an iPad. I remember when searching for a birthday present on eBay (yes I know…) from P1 to a family member – I showed her something I’d chosen and asked her if that’s what she meant. She took the phone from me, scrolled down, clicked and maximised a photo. I was shocked! Gob smacked even.

There’s a lot of speculation when it comes to children and technology. Computer games, too much tv, mobile phones too young… The list certainly goes on. Things are progressing rapidly when it comes to the latest technology and I don’t think people should be so anti-technology when it comes to letting their children experiment. It’s how our society and way of life is now and no one is going to stop it. Our children are the ones who may invent the time machine in the future. Now I’m definitely not saying that having a child use computer games or technology every minute of every day is acceptable. There has to be a limit. Especially for young children because technology is influential!

P1 watches cBeebies daily. Our TV is on the majority of the day but that doesn’t mean she is watching it the whole day – she’s not! However, the things she has learnt from certain programmes is amazing. Things I wouldn’t even imagine she’d be interested in.

P1 doesn’t know how to play the Xbox or Wii. If given a choice; she’d choose imaginative play with her soft toys any day. Her imagination is wild. It fascinates me. I take comfort in that but I also feel that she’s being left behind slightly.

I’d love to hear other people’s view on what’s too much or too little for children these days?

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