Teething Troubles

I find it a struggle to remember the baby days for both P1 and P2. Despite the fact I’m sort of reliving everything now with P3 I still cannot bring back the memories very easily. There’s something in particular that I’ve tried to remember because it feels so different this time round. Teething.

I’m guessing that because it wasn’t such a significant thing, because you remember those, that maybe the whole ordeal wasn’t an ordeal when P1 and P2 started growing teeth. I do remember slight fevers, a runny bottom and enough dribble to fill a bathtub. Other than that I don’t think cutting teeth was such a tremendous event for P1 and P2.

P3 is different. My golly those gnashers are giving her grief. At least I think that’s what it is. After getting home from London yesterday P3 had a nap that was far too close to bedtime which meant getting her to sleep was difficult. When she eventually fell to sleep she was extremely unsettled. Thankfully, after giving some calpol she did drop off into a pretty sound sleep until 3am. She’s not really been one for waking and staying awake in the night and I’ve been quite grateful for that but last night she was the opposite.

I stayed up rocking her in my arms to prevent the shrieking echoing the house but she was just so unhappy. After 45 minutes or so I decided to snuggle her into our bed. She felt a little cold. She had some milk and quite quickly snuggled into me and we both fell asleep until around 6am.

Today she has been ultra clingy. P3 is at that stage where she can sit, she can rock and get onto her front but cannot move anywhere and golly does she want to. So that makes her naturally more irritable than before when she was quite content to just sit. The clinging was different today though. She wanted to be on my lap or attached to my hip. There wasn’t anywhere or anyone else that she wanted. I even swear I heard her say “mumumumumum” several times whilst staring and crying.

So that’s what I’ve done. I’ve cuddled. I’ve kissed. I’ve rocked. I’ve nearly fallen asleep whilst she snoozes in my arms. I’ve kept her close. Normally at this stage I’d be feeling drained emotionally from all the need and demands but I actually don’t. I feel upset for P3. She’s in pain and there’s not much I can do but be there for her.

I do know that eventually this will all be over. She’ll have a full set of sharp teeth and we’ll be able to breathe, sleep and play like normal. What are your top tips for surviving teething?

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  1. Poor baby, hope it eases up. I hate teething so much! E really suffered and think Flo will too. It breaks my heart that they’re just too little to really tell you what’s wrong x

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