Thank Goodness It’s Friday

What does Friday mean in your household?!
Maybe you are just heading into work looking forward to getting all dressed up and going out for the night. Crawling/stumbling back home at some point tomorrow morning.

Well for me; Friday is the day P1 stays at home with me. Mummy and Daughter Day – as she calls it.

My phone alarm rudely awakes us from our slumber at 6:45… Then again at 7… And yes again at 7:20. That’s when I poke and prod the OH to make sure he gets up and into the shower.

I then have the task of making his lunch for him whilst making breakfast for P1.

We send my OH on his travels to work then P1 and I snuggled down in bed whilst we eat breakfast and watch Disney Junior 🙂

Then our day can start. Full of playdoh, drawing, teddies and imaginative play with her kitchen. Lunch gets made in the middle of the chaos. The dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer gets emptied, reloaded and put back on.

From about 5:30pm the rest of the household start to return from work. I start to cook around 6pm and my OH gets back around 6:45.

We’ll all have dinner together. P1 and my OH will play for a bit. P1 gets put to bed at 7:30 with a story, we talk to God and then have cuddles and kisses.

I’m the up and down the stairs several times for various reasons until finally at about 8pm P1 decides to actually give in and fall asleep.

My OH and I enjoy some time watching telly or watching something on the iPad. Before we eventually go to sleep by about 11pm. old farts

That’s my Friday. And you know what – it may not be the most glamorous of lifestyles but I wouldn’t trade this for anything!!

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