That First Giggle

I cannot believe it. For weeks I’ve been trying to get P2 to laugh. Pulling so many faces, getting my voice to places I never knew it could reach and generally being rather silly – now they weren’t failures, she smiles at me constantly.

I sneezed. She giggled. Yup, an accidental sneeze as I was clearing up the biggest, leakiest poop ever!!! and she giggled.

I nearly cried with happiness, reached for my phone to FaceTime my OH, who then witnessed her giggle again! Proud parent moments.

I just hope she’ll do it again. I managed to record a slight giggle after the main event…

[jwplayer mediaid=”8809″]

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  1. Adorable! I have been doing exactly the same thing lately to try and get Claudia to laugh after she giggled a few weeks ago and then hasn’t done it since! x

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