“That locket was very precious to my Nan”

On Wednesday my Grandad came over to Kent to spent the day with us. It was a lovely day and we visited the local nature trail too.

When he arrived he gave me something, he said “here’s a little piece of Nan”. I knew what it was as he’d told me I’d be given it soon but I wasn’t quite prepared for it to happen Wednesday. My Nan’s locket.20140524-021405 pm-51245406.jpgShe’d left it to me in her Will. I didn’t particularly want anything from her, or my Grandad, the memories I have and the time spent were more than enough.

As a child, Nan used to show me her locket. For years she’d complain that she needed a photo small enough to put in it. It stayed empty for a while! I don’t remember when she finally got a photo but when I opened it Wednesday, there was a picture of me my Grandad and my brother inside.20140524-021659 pm-51419759.jpgA surge of emotions ran through me. That locket was very precious to my Nan. My Grandad had bought her one when she was around 21, my age, but it had been lost so was replaced by this one around 35 years ago. It was something she always wore. She’d hate taking it off when she was in hospital!

I feel like I should be wearing it too. Every day. Forever. Until I can pass it on to one of the girls, most likely P1, but I can’t find the courage to do it yet. I feel too emotional now that it’s sitting in the box. Nan was wearing it when she died, most likely anyway and the words my Grandad said keeping ringing in my ears, “a little piece of Nan”. It’s the only thing I have of her that has great significance.

Sadly, when I’m old my memories of her won’t be as rich and fresh, one day the clothes I chose to keep of hers won’t fit or will be too worn out, but that locket, that’s going to live on forever and I’m the one who has to look after it with my life and soul.

It’s a great honour to have my Nan’s locket and it’s a big responsibility!

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