That Time Has Come To Say Goodnight

It’s that time on a Sunday – when I feel like the weekend has gone far too quick. When we’ve done so much but it feels like so little. When I know it’s soon approaching P1s bedtime. When I know it will soon be time for my OH and I to go to bed. Basically, when Sunday is over and a new week begins.

Why do we have to work to be able to live?!

Our weekends are always so full and busy. Even on “rest” days they seem so packed. Now I’m on maternity leave I have the time to rest after a busy weekend but I’d so much rather them be longer so P1 and I can spend more time with my OH.

Tonight I definitely think P1 knows that the weekend is nearly over. Since telling her bedtime is soon she has not left her Daddy alone. It’s so cute but my OH is busy tidying – I think he’s nesting tonight 😉 It’s quite amusing to see him trying to multi task. Pay back.

I had to put the salt dough creations in the oven for a bit longer but we’ll be painting them tomorrow so don’t worry I haven’t forgotten to show you our finishing results 🙂

What did your weekend entail?

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