That’s Definitely Not A Boobie

There’s absolutely no way I’m anywhere near ready to give up breastfeeding. I’m completely in love with doing it. It feels so natural and the bond I have with P2 because of it is amazing.

However, it’s been playing on my mind that P2 hates the dummy. Therefore I’m scared she’ll hate a bottle and desperately want her to try it. My OH is a bit reluctant about the idea which is completely fair enough but I have reassured him that I’m not planning to give her bottles all the time.

I’ve decided to give one bottle of expressed breast milk each day. Starting today. It did not go down well at all!

With Daddy; she managed to take an ounce of milk – excellent! But when Daddy went for the gym I handed P2 to her Nanny (apparently it confuses and frustrates the baby more if she’s with me). With her Nanny she was rather … Upset! And most definitely frustrated. My heart hurt. I just wanted to take her back and whip my boob out for her but knew I had to try and stay strong. But the heart strings were being pulled far too hard so I took her back.

Although when back she sucked literally twice and fell asleep. Typical!

I definitely need tips for this because she was not happy but I would really like to introduce one bottle a day.

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