The 3rd Time Of Moving From Cot To Bed

P2 was just 15 months old when we moved her from cot to bed, or mattress on the floor to be precise. I don’t remember when I moved P1, I’m pretty sure she was much older. I thought we had plenty of time before it would be P3s turn but that time came and on the 23rd February she came out of her cot and into a toddler bed.


The poor little mite has had a lot of changes in the past two weeks. It started when she graduated from sharing a room with her mummy and daddy. When her sisters were with their grandparents, we moved everyone’s beds around finally. We now have an adult space in the smaller bedroom with a tv, candles and a no toys allowed rule. Whilst the girls have the bigger room and are now all sharing together.


So they’ve all had to adjust to changes. P1 is lucky as she’s used to sleeping through when P2 wakes and shouts in the night, but P2 and P3 have had to adjust to each other and its resulted in quite a few disturbed nights and rather early mornings. On a whole it’s been going great and the girls really love the extra space to play, spending far more time upstairs than down.


But back to the point of moving from cot to bed. My BiL graduated from his toddler bed to a big boys bed and so there was a spare toddler bed going. Although P3 did have a cot bed, we weren’t happy that the ends were much taller than a normal toddler bed so we jumped at the chance of having the toddler bed. We were definitely thrown into the transition in a whirlwind decision that pretty much happened overnight. We didn’t even have a chance to purchase a bed guard it was that quick.


For three nights she tumbled out onto the mattress we’d put for her to land on. The second night I even found her the other side of the room underneath the toy pram. She was so excited about her new bed, climbing in and jumping up and down shouting “Jum jum”. We now have the Lindam Safe & Secure Bed Rail in place and so she stays in her bed throughout the night. Still waking as usual but on a few mornings the girls have woken and been able to play.

It definitely feels like she went from a vulnerable little baby to a fully fledged toddler overnight. Her independence grows each day and the days of cots for us are now over. Our last baby out of a cot and into a bed at just 17 months old. When did your children move into a big bed?

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  1. The transition from cot to bed can be a really big step for some children. As is always the case second time round you are a little wiser with regards to planning ahead, we have recently purchased a cot for our second which turns in to a bed. Hopefully it will make the transition from cot to bed easier second time round! (fingers crossed!!)

  2. So cute that they all share together! It’s such a huge transition isn’t it and such a milestone, where has your little baby gone?! I waited as long as possible with Jack as he had no interest in climbing out and I’ll hopefully do the same with Phoebe x

  3. Hello Beautiful Bear

    Aw it’s lovely that they’re all together now, bless them, they’ll have so much fun that way 🙂 Lily is nearly 13 months and I am dreading putting her in to her cot bed sometime this year, eeek! X

  4. Ah, I dread the move from cot to bed! Though you’ve given me confidence that it’s not so bad. I’m sure they get used to change much more quickly than we think they will!

  5. I wait until i really have to move them to a cot bed, with bella it was about 18 months because the little spiderman had learnt to climb out of her cot! Lottie is 2 and still happy in her cot so she shall remain there until maybe 2.5? I think that’s my ideal age x

  6. Such a special time when they finally move into their toddler beds! Lamb is 3 this month and still falls out every now and then! x

  7. Its such a big move, I did it with my daughter a lot earlier than the boys due to my youngest arriving but she settled into it well and in fact slept better.

  8. We moved my daughter at 19 months as we needed the cot for number 2. Two weeks later she broke her leg (unrelated!) so back in the cot for six weeks! She was fine when we eventually moved her a few weeks before no. 2 was born. No. 2 is now 20 months – we’ll be moving him soon as he’s massive and finding the cot restrictive.

  9. They really do seem so much more grown up once they’re in a bed! Sophie was around 19 months when we made the transition. Only because she managed to throw herself out of it one night and we were terrified she would do it again! It’s a lot safer and she actually slept a lot better x

  10. We took the sides off my daughters cot at 19 months. Two weeks later she broke her leg so the sides went back on. Six weeks later E tried again and she was fine so moved her to a toddler bed as needed the cot for no. 2. No 2 is 20 months, and we’ll probably move him soon as he’s massive and finds the cot a bit restrictive!

  11. Ali - Ali Rose Bridal

    No.1 moved into a top part of a bunk bed around 21 months. The bunk bed meant no need for a bed guard. Luckily, we had no problems with getting out of bed when she shouldn’t be moving around, so I’m dreading moving No.2 into a proper bed – he is definitely going to be a mover!

  12. Toddler moved at 20 months just after her little brother was born so that we could put the cot into storage for a while. She coped admirably but it was an amazing bunkbed with its own stairs so it was mega exciting! We got it from which I am not affiliated with in any way at all but they were great so I love to recommend them.

  13. It is surprising how they grow up overnight just from going in to a bed.. both my two moved around 21-23 months old and loved it!

  14. Hannah - Budding Smiles

    Aw bless her, it’s such a big transition isn’t it? Toby’s 19 months and we’re about to move him but to be honest I don’t know how he’ll take to it!xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      We have P3 in a sleeping bag. I think that’s helped with stopping her from getting out of bed.

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