“The attention just one little human needs is incredible”

This weekend is the usual first weekend of the month when P1 and P2 head back to Essex to spend time with my Mum. I’ve felt mixed emotions surrounding these weekends. The girls enjoy themselves and it gives us space but it hasn’t ever really made life easier.

P3 loves to cause enough fuss and demand enough attention to make it feel like I’m parenting three and not just the one. It always happens like that. Even now she’s used to having two mornings each week where it’s just her. The weekends just never get easier.

I always try to use those weekends to really focus on either getting the house tidy or catching up with blogging commitments. The reality is, I get nothing done and feel stressed out by the constant that is P3. The attention just one little human needs is incredible and I sort of forgot it. She’s always so busy with playgroups, paid classes and of course her big sisters.

Now that I’m driving again, I knew that this weekend I wasn’t going to just sit around. I’ve wanted to go shopping for some new clothes for a long time and so I managed to persuade Hubby to come with me to Bromley. Just us three. I hoped that it would make things a bit easier with P3 and take my mind of the work I wasn’t getting done.


My main goal was to head into Primark. I love their clothes purely for value. I tried on loads of bits and came away with two leggings (kids sized – don’t laugh), a pair of jeggings, one top, a new bra, some new pjs and some pants. All of £21! We also went into Toys R Us, Yankee Candle shop and New Look but unfortunately I couldn’t persuade Hubby for any Peppa Pig toys, Christmas Candles or new boots.

We’ve had a lovely day and it’s made me realise we really can do things with just P3. She’s at an easy, inquisitive age to take out with us and she’s actually quite behaved! This evening hasn’t quite gone to plan though and I’m currently typing this from my phone whilst attempting to get P3 to sleep. She happens to be slap bang in the middle of our bed, just like last night and it is getting a bit of a habit for her to creep into bed in the early hours, only the past two nights have been ALL night.

I feel exhausted and agitated despite the amazing day we’ve had. Of course I can’t wait to get my older two back… Perhaps then I can get stuff done!

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  1. I always find thing easier with Little B when BB’s around as she plays with him – such a big help!

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