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As I’m sure you’re aware, I am a Slumber-Roo Brand Ambassador for 2015 and part of my role this year is to share my passion about baby wearing. When P2 was born baby wearing was a luxury occasion as such. I wore her when we went on day trips or long walks where a pram was inappropriate. It never happened at home or to settle her crying.

Then P3 arrived.

My hand to child ratio was outnumbered and to top it off, P3 was extremely hard to settle in the first few weeks. What originally was a luxury had suddenly became a necessity. For me to be able to get a slithering of blog or house work done, P3 has to be worn. Of course, I also need hands for getting snacks and drinks for my other two.

product wrap

Another part of my role as Brand Ambassador is to give my opinion and review some products. There are so many benefits to baby wearing and I know myself that finding the right product is hard. There’s so many versions and designs and I’ve struggled with many over the past two years.

The Boba Wrap with Boba Hoodie are the first for us to put to the test.

I’m only 4ft 8in tall and therefore it was extremely daunting opening the box to a great long piece of fabric. I had one like this before and we didn’t get along too well.

boba wrap  The Boba Wrap is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex which means it’s stretchy. The fabric feels really thick and excellent quality. I chose the colour Sangria as it was girly yet manly enough for hubby to wear if he wanted. The wrap comes in a really handy bag made from the same fabric with a tie top.

I really studied the institutions before I dared to tangle myself up in fabric twice the size of me. Then I took it slowly step by step. It’s actually super easy! I do have to wrap the last bit round my waist once more than the instructions but I am abnormally small and it just proves the versatility of the Boba Wrap.

The wrap is really comfortable to wear. I’ve worn some that have caused back ache or even hip ache, but this is by far the comfiest I’ve ever worn. I love wearing it as it keeps P3 close just like when she was in my tummy. When she falls asleep I can use the arm straps to stretch over her head to keep her secure, this was especially useful when she was a little younger and more floppy.

I use this wrap the most out of my growing collection but I don’t usually venture outside as I’m scared of getting the fabric wet when I take it off or put on as I have to be standing. P3 is always so content in the Boba Wrap and will always fall asleep after a few minutes.

The Boba Wrap costs from £38-£52 depending on the colour you fancy.boba hoodie  Moving on to the Boba Hoodie. What a great idea! I have quite a fitted coat which makes baby wearing outdoors quite difficult without freezing my bones.

Again, it is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex which along with the side zipper, makes it easy to pull on over your head without harming yourself or baby in the process.

The hoodie has a slit in the top for baby. The hoodie goes completely over baby keeping them snug and warm on cooler days. I think there should be another option for winter that is a little thicker but with baby radiating underneath it does keep you quite snug.

The Boba Hoodie costs £49.50. accessories  Slumber-Roo didn’t forget my other two and sent some lovely accessories made by Jellystone Designs.

For P1 a beautiful heart pendant which has an approximate hanging length of 25cm. It features a safety clasp that breaks open when pulled which is certainly a must have for children’s jewellery/necklaces. It’s completely BPA free and safe to chew, P1 is going through the stage of chewing her hair so it’s been quite nice to offer her an alternative even if she is 6 years old! The heart pendant comes in a few colours and costs £12.50.

P2 was given a cute handbag chew toy and P3 a duck, however P2 quickly claimed them for herself. These are really soft for teething gums. I actually think these teethers are so stylish and modern.  They would make a fanatic gift too. The duck costs £9.50 and the handbag also comes in a few colours and costs £9.50 too.chew  I’m really excited to receive the next product to review and next time I’ll be going through the benefits of baby wearing.

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Really comfortable wrap and hoodie. The accessories are really bold and fantastic for baby's and children.

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