The Contraceptive Mirena Coil 7 Months On

Before I had the Mirena Coil I had asked about having my womb or tubes removed to prevent periods and pregnancy where I was pretty much laughed at. Even hubby thought I was being completely ridiculous. I was so reluctant to get the Mirena Coil, I’d had an awful experience with the Implant where I bled for 6 months straight and the idea of having something lodged inside me was scary.

My options were small though because with hormone contraceptives like the Pill, I experience awful and more regular migraines which imitate a stroke. So after lots of talks, research online and hearing other people’s experiences I settled for the Mirena Coil.

The first nearly two months were awful. I bled continuously apart from three days. I went to speak to the doctor and insisted that something had to be done to stop this and that I was completely serious about having a hysterectomy at just 22 years old.

I was basically in tears saying that I know 100% I will not be having any more babies not only because I hate being pregnant but because I have three amazing daughters and no want for any boys or four children at all. The doctor finally agreed that if by 6 months I was still bleeding then she would refer me for a hysterectomy.

I have now had the coil for 7 months. To be honest I’m still not sure if it’s a good or bad thing but things have settled. For the past two periods they have literally just been spotting for about a week. Compared to my usual periods where I’d have to change a Super Plus Tampon every hour with extreme cramping that made me feel ill, this is a huge improvement.

I am 100% glad that I waited though, I’m glad that I saw out the awful months of a constant period, mood swings and halt on our sex life as recommended. To not have a full on period is quite refreshing. Also, to know that I don’t have to worry for another 5 years is fantastic too and makes things so much easier!

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  1. Like your own, my periods were heavy & often & sore. I was prescribed the pill @ 15 to try to regulate this but it didn’t really help. Both my kids(16 & nearly 20) happened whilst on the pill and so after the youngest I decided on the coil.
    At first our local GP tried to fit the old style IUD (because it was easier on their budget :-/) but I’d already been warned to hold out for the Mirena (I think that’s what is offered by default these days but back then it was a difference of £5 vs. £80!)
    Like yourself, the first few month were a bit all over the place and I doubted the truth of no bleeding etc but it soon settled down.
    Around time for changing I notice slightly more & regular spotting when my period would be due but mostly it’s like 1 day, twice a year!

    The only issue I have is needing to have my changed at the local hospital rather than GP’s, due to problems caused by cervical treatment scaring but I can put up with that inconvenience when it saves so much more.

    I’m glad you stuck with it and I’m sure this time next hear you’ll have forgotten all about those period thingies! 😉

    (Or at least until your girls start theirs! My eldest stayed on campus for 1st year of Uni, then lived at home for 2nd and by Christmas I had totally synced with her cycle! I had mood swings & cramp & pretty much everything except the actual bleed. Freaky!)

    And may I also say, what a random discussion to have with a stranger

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I’m really glad you have had this discussion. I really hope I don’t have periods ever again because I have no reason to have them which is frustrating and the main reason as to why I wanted my reproductive bits removed. I remember being synced to all my friends, I am dreading the time that my girls get their periods and they’ll all be synced together.
      Thank you for commenting and I hope you’ll come back soon 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I’m debating a move on from the pill – does it have to come for five years or is there an option for three?

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. I’m glad you posted this. Trying to make contraceptive decisions at the moment, knowing I don’t intend to have any more children! Not sure if it’s helped, but was useful to read! Thanks.

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