The End Of An Era

It’s an emotional Mummy day today. P1 finishes nursery for 6 weeks leading up to the start of big school (which we still have no idea of where she’ll go)

I tried to prepare P1 as much as possible. She’s an intelligent girl and I wanted her to have the chance to say goodbye and enjoy herself on her last day. But I think it back fired a bit, she was really upset when we got there and when I went to leave. My heart clenched and twisted.

Going to nursery has been a huge part of her life, all her life, and for it to suddenly not be there?! I don’t know how that must feel for her. She’s grown up with the other children, she’s had the teachers help her to sit, crawl, walk, talk and learn about life. They’ve been as good as family to her.

I feel utterly guilty that it’s being taken away. My original plan was to have her attend as normal right up until school began. But with me being on maternity leave and my OH being between contracts, it seems pointless for us to pay for childcare and more beneficial for our mortgage saving for me to have both girls at home.

I just hope I’ve made the right decision for us all. Especially for P1.

Here’s some photos from when she started nursery in October 2009 – October 2012 and then now 🙂

October 200920130710-112512 AM.jpg

October 201020130710-112517 AM.jpg

October 201120130710-112522 AM.jpg

October 201220130710-112527 AM.jpg

June 201320130710-112742 AM.jpg
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