The End Of The School Year & Teacher Gift Ideas With Petit-Fernand

If you are anything like me then you’ve been living in a sort of denial about the end of the school year so quickly approaching. I hadn’t really realised that it was the last term if I’m honest. This year honestly is going so incredibly fast.

It was a big year for us with P2 starting big school and P3 starting nursery for the first time. P1 was also getting a new teacher who had never had his own class before (newly qualified). Back in September last year I remember feeling so anxious about how our family dynamics and daily lives would change. It’s been hectic which is probably why the school year has zoomed past.

One thing that has made this year super special is all of my girls teachers. Each one has been blessed and we feel incredibly grateful and lucky for the education and support they’ve received this year.

Like I said above, P1 had her first newly qualified Male teacher. He has been the best thing to happen to P1. Whenever she’s had issues with homework or “forgotten” PE kit, he’d ring me up to double check what P1 was saying was the truth. He’s been incredibly supportive of her special educational needs and has helped to improve her general motivation for school.

P2 has settled well into her first year of school life. Both her teacher and assistant have been full of fun, kindness and embraced her boisterous personality. P2 adores them both and has recently been becoming quite anxious about leaving them to embark on year 1.

P3 had a huge change by going to nursery. She was always very shy yet very stubborn so she needed a teacher to be firm with her but warm too. She got that and her whole personality has changed because of the start she’s received at nursery/preschool.

I’m never one to get extravagant gifts for my girls teachers. But this year I did want to get something for them. I like to get useful gifts too which is why I was quite thankful to find Petit-Fernand had customisable mugs.

I took some time with each of my daughters to customise their teacher mugs. There are loads of designs available, as well as limited addition teacher mugs too. I found it really interesting to see what each of my girls would pick for their teachers and the colours too.

P1 went for a more masculine mug design with skateboards and food photos. She picked the different font with her preferred colour choice too. Blue obviously (it’s the mug on the right). P2 was attracted to the cute characters specifically one that had a cat on it as her teacher apparently loves cats. I thought she’d pick a pink inside of the mug but instead chose blue (the left hand mug). And P3 was very definite with hers, pink on the inside with a unicorn scene.

The mugs are really good quality and cost £14 each.

Whilst I was on the Petit-Fernand website I had a little browse of the other products available. They have a great selection of personalised items perfect for school life – lunch boxes, water bottles and labels.

I actually decided to pick up some personalised labels for P3. She doesn’t actually start school until September 2019 so I’m very prepared. Petit-Fernand have many labelling options available to suit different needs and budgets. I picked the Starter pack which costs £22.

It includes: 20 stick-on clothing name labels, 20 iron-on clothing name labels, 10 stick-on item name labels, 10 stick-on shoe labels and 20 stick-on item name labels. Basically everything you need for your child if they are starting school for the first time or going up a year. They come in a little booklet which at first I was a bit shocked but actually it’s a great way to keep everything contained especially if you don’t use them all. The booklet also features all the handy instructions for how to get the iron on clothing labels to work.

All of the different types of labels are able to be customised with different characters/symbols, font and colours. I actually let P3 pick hers even though she’ll probably change her interests by next year.

We’ve been really impressed with the products we received. I actually have one Limited Edition Thank You Teacher mug to give away to a lucky reader so please enter below for a chance to win. You must live in the UK and be over 18 years of age to enter. The competition is only running for just over a week so hurry to enter!!

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  1. My girls teacher has been amazing for the past year..Because of her my girl is now being assessed for Autism, she got through her SATs and she’s always been there for support & advice! x

  2. She’s warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring and forms strong relationships with all her students.

  3. Because she is so approachable and understanding. She teachers from the heart and it shows.

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