“The first argument of the day was about some play food”

My alarm went at 7:45am. This was the third alarm for this morning and so I knew it was time to push my tired body out of bed and get ready for the school run. P2 woke up and immediately wanted a cuddle, I made sure she took off her nappy and went on the potty first. P1 however was stroppy. She’d had an extremely late bedtime whilst with her Grandparents and went to bed very early last night.

Our first argument of the day was about some play food. P1 didn’t want P2 playing with it so snatched. I had to remind her calmly that she plays with P2s toys so she needed to share in this instance, I was still half sleepy and just couldn’t be bothered to deal with the bickering. Of course, she did it again and was sent upstairs with her breakfast until we needed to leave.

P2 and P3 were then extremely clingy right at the moment I needed to get a shower for P3s immunisations. I did manage, somehow, but little things had started to tick me off. Towels on the floor. Tripping over toys. Stubbing my toe on the bouncer. My hair not brushing properly. My roots. The horrible reflection of my body. The washing up.

We went for a food shop, I tried to be quick but I just felt slow. Then when we got home things didn’t improve. I forgot to put the tomatoes into the fajita kit that was cooking. I heated up both packets of wraps… I mean who would eat 16 wraps all at once?! P2 then decided it would be fun to get plates and bowls out from her drawer and just leave them on the floor.

P1 came home from school and we had my BiL round to play. P1 was being bossy and rude, emotional and P2 doing the same. I felt sorry for my BiL who just wanted to play. To be honest, all of this was normal but I felt myself saying “no” or “don’t do that” or “you know not to jump on the sofas” etc etc etc. In my head I was telling myself to shut up. Just let them play. But I couldn’t.

I’m hormonal. I’m sleep deprived. I feel completely swamped and desperate for my duvet to swallow me up for a day or two. Tomorrow, I’ll probably wake up fresh and dandy with today’s emotions forgotten.


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  1. Sounds like everyday as a teacher.

    Lizzie Dripping

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