“The frustrating and daunting decision has come to say goodbye”

In January 2012 my little white 1995 Vauxhall Corsa with pink butterfly and flower stickers decided it wanted to keep breaking down on me. The last straw happened when it broke down in the middle of those yellow boxes and I was completely stuck with no help and many cars beeping and passing by. Luckily, it was opposite my work so a few man colleagues rushed over and pushed me to work… Including my boss! Hilarious.

Then came the decision to get a new car. But I desperately wanted a reliable and safe car. One thing led to another and I went into a foolish finance agreement with little advise. 2 years later and a business about to launch we just cannot warrant the cost of having two cars especially as my insurance is due for renewal this Monday – we certainly can’t spare £500 for that right now!

So the frustrating and daunting decision has come to say goodbye to my lovely 2009 Fiesta. My freedom. My transport. I can’t drive my hubby’s car because his car is manual and I, foolishly again, only have an automatic license. This means I’m now completely reliant on him to take me everywhere and I feel a little childish.

It feels like all my independence is being swiped from beneath my feet. I know it’s the right decision to get rid of my car, it will mean we are nearly £300 better off each month but there’s downsides to it; I can’t travel easily during the day, I can’t get to P1s new school quickly in an emergency, I’ll have to wake up earlier and be organised better. But worst of all I’ve wasted over £7,000!!!!!! It’s literally going down the drain. All my hard earned cash being flushed down the toilet. Money I could have used towards a nice family holiday, or a new bed, or whatever the heck I wanted to spend seven grand on.

The original plan was I’d have a car at the end of it. Now I have nothing except more money each month. After a few weeks I’m sure I’ll get used to not driving, I mean hubby does most of the driving anyway, but it’s the having a choice that was important to me. I know deep down we are making the correct decision for our family and that’s all that matters.

I’m dreading Sunday night.20140127-090517 pm.jpgPlease sponsor my Bliss Charity 5k Buggy Push in June 2014 here

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