The Gro Company Bunny & Brolly GroBag Review

We are not strangers to The Gro Company. In fact both my girls have used them at some point for something. P1 & P2 both have the GroAnywhere Blind attached to their window to stop the bright evenings from disrupting bedtime too much.

With P2 & P3 born in different seasons that means that at 7 months with P2 she was in winter tog sleeping bags and it’s obviously much too warm for those for P3 now. So all my wonderful GroBags are being shipped off to another family for more use leaving plenty of space for new sleep aids like this stunning Bunny & Brolly GroBag.


At a 1.0tog it’s a perfect solution for P3. Our house is notoriously warm. I personally hate being hot at night and it’s obviously dangerous for babies to overheat too. I’m also terrified of blankets for my under 18month daughters. The GroBag has always been my bedtime saviour.

The Bunny & Brolly GroBag has a beautiful pattern along the back and half of the front with a cute little bunny & brolly design around the chest/tummy area. It has the typical poppers at the shoulders and I was quite shocked to find that this one doesn’t have the poppers under the armpit but that may be a size situation, it’s 6-18months, and maybe the poppers under arms ar for newborns?

There seems to be many ways for the zippers to be fastened and this one has it fastening from bottom of the bag to under armpit, sneakily hiding zipper with a peppered bit of fabric.

gro bag 1

The GroBag has washed really well and still looks good as new. I get a bit panicky when it needs a wash as we need to invest in a second.

I love how P3 holds onto the fabric whilst she sleeps and she sleeps so much better whilst in it. I find that when she naps in the day she tends to take a long time to settle because she isn’t put in her sleeping bag. Whereas at night she falls to sleep near enough instantly.

You can buy this specific GroBag for just under £30. Head over to this page to view all the other amazing 1.0tog baby sleeping bags just perfect for the warmer spring and summer weather. Safe sleep is definitely better sleep all round.


Value for Money

A very beautiful and well designed sleeping bag for baby. Giving parents and baby peace of mind at night.

User Rating: 4.1 ( 1 votes)

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