The Gro Company Winter Warmer GroBag and Penguin Pop Twin Pack GroSuit Review

Seriously what is with this weather?! I spend my days in jumpers or admittedly with the heating on for an hour each day!! Ok, I know that I live in the UK so I can’t really expect Bahama weather but winter weather has seemed to just suddenly crept up on us.

Hello snuggling up to the hubby. Hello pjs over nighties for P1. Hello Penguin Pop GroSuit and Winter Warmer GroBag for P2.
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I’ve been a lover of sleeping bags for babies for a very long time. They have so many benefits. The Gro Company always seem to get everything just spot on when it comes to sleep.

Let’s start with the GroSuit:
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The sleepsuit is made out of 100% super-soft jersey cotton and it really is super-soft even after several washes. P2 tends to get her breakfast down her and the fabric hasn’t lost it’s whiteness in the stained areas.

These sleepsuits are different to normal ones, they can be used under any sleeping bag as the parts that go inside the sleeping bag, ie legs, body, are made out of a single layer of fabric. The arms however are quilted with quick-dry polyester filling which means no chilly arms that wakes baby up half way through the night……. Unless you’re P2 of course.
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They have the normal poppers running all the way down the legs. Which gives easy access for nappy changes during the night.

I love the design of the penguin pop twin pack GroSuit. They are opposites to each other, so one has penguins on the belly and the other has the penguins on the arms. It’s really winter-y and makes me so excited for snow.

Then there’s the GroBag:
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I love them. I think they are the best invention and a necessity to every parent with a baby, but saying that The Gro Company now make them up to the age of 10years!! My hubby asked if they do one for his age too.
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The Winter Warmer GroBag is a 3.5tog. It’s made from a mixture of wonderful fabrics; the lining is made from 100% cotton jersey, the filling is a quick-dry polyester and the outer is a very soft velour!

The arms have poppers which prevent baby from sliding inside the bag and suffocating. This is the main and most important reason to get a GroBag. It means no more blankets and a reduced risk of sudden infant death syndrome! It also means no more baby waking because they are cold and have kicked their blankets off. Baby moves, GroBag moves. Perfect!
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How cute are the penguins?! Perfect match for the GroSuit don’t you think. P1 thinks the big penguin is daddy, then mummy, then herself and then the littlest one is P2.
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The GroBag has a zip that goes from the armpit on the right all the way round to the bottom left hand corner. This makes night changes simple and less fussy, oh and warmer! The zip is cleverly hidden behind a piece of fabric that is fastened by a popper so no caught fingers or a zip digging into their side. See I told you Gro think of everything!

P2 is a bad sleeper full stop, but when using the GroBag and GroSuit together she’s been less likely to wake every two hours and she’s been known to go a five hour stretch. This doesn’t happen when we use blankets.

I’m definitely considering buying one for P1, not because she needs one as she sleeps fine whatever and wherever she is, but more so she can match her sister. You can buy the Penguin Pop Twin Pack GroSuits via The Gro Company for £14.99& the Winter Warmer 6-18month GroBag for £37.99 (also available in other sizes)
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(These products were sent to me free of charge by The Gro Company for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of my own!)

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  1. I love Gro Company grobags, they are totally the best! And actually I have this penguin one and it’s lovely, so cosy! P2 looks adorable in hers 🙂 Had no idea they did those sleep suits, they are genius! Definitely going to be ordering some of those, for me and for babyshower gifts! X

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