“The lovely lady reassured us that the doctor wouldn’t need to sedate P3”

Amongst our spontaneous decision to completely revamp the house and create more space, we had a couple of important phone calls and meetings arranged.

Firstly I received a phone call from our GP advising that she was writing up P3s tongue tie referral on behalf of the doctor we saw. She’d realised there was no need to be seen by a paediatrician and that actually she could be straight referred to a doctor who was able to perform the procedure on an “older” baby. So that’s what she did.

We then got the call from the hospital to arrange an appointment. I also took the opportunity to discuss a few of my worries seeing as this was basically booking the appointment to have it done not just a consultation to discuss. I asked about the general anaesthetic situation that was our ultimate concern as Mr Google had said that babies that are older that 12 weeks would need sedating.

The lovely lady reassured us that the doctor wouldn’t need to sedate P3 and that he could do the procedure without, there is a possibility that she may need a local anaesthetic in her mouth but that would be it. We’re ok with that. The phone call was very reassuring and P3 will be having her tongue tie snipped at the end of this month!


We’ve also got a meeting booked with the school about a Special Educational Needs in the morning. P1 has been put on a register or something?! We’ll find out more tomorrow but that’s quite good news too. I feel quite tired today but motivated, I managed to tidy AND do my exercises.

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I hope all goes well with both P1 and P3.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Aww! That is very reassuring…..Good luck! I hope it all goes well!

  3. Ack my ovaries just exploded! What a gorgeous little baby!

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