The MAD Blog Awards 2014

Last year, after just two months of writing Life With Pink Princesses I was short listed for the MAD blog awards in the category “Best New Blog”. I was astounded and so so pleased! Unfortunately I didn’t win that title but it’s that time again. The nominations for the MAD Blog Awards 2014 are now open.There’s something about awards that gets me all excited. I’ve personally never won one but I’ve seen all the pictures of the award nights and celebrations. The joy on fellow parent bloggers faces. I want a little bit of that. A little bit of a “thank you” for my writing and sharing.

I’m not going to lie, I want/need your nominations to make my dreams come true!! So if you enjoy reading my blog whether it’s the moaning posts or the joyous development posts, seeing all my photos or even reading my reviews then please please head over the MADs nomination page and enter my blog URL ( into the categories that you think I most deserve. I quite like the idea of the “Best Baby Blog” but I would be just completely honoured to be nominated for anything that you think fits us best.

I want to just say thank you in advance for everyone’s support with this and just with Life With Pink Princesses in general.Please sponsor my Bliss Charity 5k Buggy Push in June 2014 here

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  1. Well done for your nomination last year. Thank so much for posting about the awards. Best of luck this year!
    MADs Editor

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