The mifold Grab & Go Booster

A few weeks ago we were sent two of the most advanced, compact and portable booster seats in the world, the mifold. Hubby was really excited by this as we have recently adapted our car from a five seater to a seven seater. Our boot seats are actually suitable to be used without a car seat (don’t ask me how or why) but Hubby wanted the extra security of a car seat. As the seats are smaller than normal seats this was going to prove tricky so being contacted by mifold to review was brilliantly timed.

Let me start with the technical details. The mifold is designed to bring the adult seat belt to the correct size rather than lift the child up to the correct position in the car like standard booster seats. It is just 10in x 5in x 2in in size which makes it completely portable and can fit inside a handbag or rucksack. It weighs just 750g, the same as a small sized bottle of water. Most importantly it is also designed to conform to EU regulations and is suitable from 15kg (about 4 years of age) until 12 years.

There are four seat adjustment sizes; small, medium and large. The shoulder strap has a variable adjustment so that it can be fixed to the perfect height of your child. There are three tether points as such to guide the seat belt into to make sure your child is safely secured at all times. These are red in colour and are located on the shoulder strap which brings the adult seat belt down to align with your child’s shoulder, then it is passed under both red clips either side of the seat.

The seat is relatively well padded. The seat is small and folds. The seat is made from some really strong materials; aircraft grade aluminium and a super tough plastic polymer. This means it offers superior impact resistance in the event of a crash.

We have two of these seats for both our new back boot seats. Already we have used them many times with P1 and my brother-in-law who is 6 years old. It has meant that we can easily and safely transport more people for days out. I especially love that we can now have play dates without worrying about extra car seats or travelling unsafely. The fact that the mifold fits inside a hangbag and is super light means that it would be great for travellers too that often use taxis.

The mifold has really changed the way we get about and enjoy times as a family. The mifold costs just under £50 and comes in different colours. I definitely think it’s worth it’s weight in gold (possibly more as I’m not sure what 750g of gold would be worth). I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

Value For Money


A mini booster that is 10x smaller than the standard booster and just as safe. This has changed the way we travel. Super comfy and portable.

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