The New Mothercare Tusk Range supporting Endangered Animals

I want you to think of a world without animals. You can’t? Nope neither can I and neither can Mothercare and that’s why they are donating 4% of the sales of their new Tusk range to the charity, Tusk.

I’d never heard of Tusk before. It’s a charity helping to support the conservation of wildlife, sustainable development and education in Africa.

Mothercare speaks to children about what they think about endangered animals in Africa. Here’s what they say:

And as for the new Mothercare range, my gosh its beautiful! Think animal print, beautiful classic colours on bedding, clothes, strollers and feeding accessories. You can find the range and more info here or donate to Tusk.

mothercare tusk range

(This post was not sponsored and I have shared the information out of my own free will and love for animals!)

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  1. I love this range! I might have to invest in the duvet cover, elephant door stop and the wall stickers! Elsa loves giraffes and elephants – any animals really. She would love to have a safari themed room.

  2. Katy (What Katy Said)

    Oh I LOVE the giraffe bookcase!! What a cute range with an important message. x

  3. Ooh is it bad I want another baby just for this range?! 😉

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