“The newborn crying, the demands of a sick child and a bored toddler”

We are being pulled in every direction this week. We have illness, crying, boredom, testing behaviour and exhaustion.

P1 has been under the weather since Friday. She came home with a croaky voice but other than that she was fine. It progressed over the weekend into a temperature, sore throat, headache and a cough. She certainly wasn’t herself and spent the whole weekend, Monday and Tuesday either on the sofa or in bed, not playing much at all. We took her to the doctors Tuesday where they confirmed she just had a really bad cold. I’m not overly convinced but we’ll see…


This then sent P2 into extreme boredom. Her best friend and play buddy wasn’t cooperating with her. We saw a new side of P2. A naughty side. She was quite nasty, pulling hair and smacking. Ignoring anything we said. Tipping drinks and throwing food. Generally disobedient. We tried our best to entertain her but she was just so desperate to play with her sister and was very confused to why she was just laying down.

Then there’s our third stretch. P3. What we are beginning to learn about this tiny human is that she quite enjoys a good old cry. Every waking minute she’s been so unsettled and just cried what seems like the whole time. Nothing we do will comfort her. It got to the point we thought she could be unwell with the same thing as P1 so we took a trip to the doctors on Monday. Turns out, she’s just one of those babies who suffer with colic and hopefully it’ll pass in a few weeks or even months. Great!

Apart from the fact P1 woke up several times complaining of bugs crawling over her, we’ve actually been having a decent amount of sleep during the past four days but the newborn crying, the demands of a sick child and a bored toddler has been so exhausting.

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