The Next Phase

After a lot of crying, extremely large and painful boobs I have managed to persuade P2 into having night and morning feeds.

Since posting about my struggles I’ve had so many people giving advice. I tried to get her to feed two days ago, which went fine for our morning feed but not so fantastic for the rest of the day, so we switched to formula yesterday.

P2 was fine with it, woke a lot in the night, probably because she missed the comfort of boobie, but I persevered. After nearly a day of no breastfeeding and short expressing sessions my left boob had gone into overdrive and was probably about three times the size that it used to be, very lumpy and very painful.

So this morning I’ve decided to breastfeed just in the evening and night, and to have one morning feed before her breakfast. Then to give her formula for the rest of the day. She’s less distracted during the night and I can tell she really needs that comfort time with me.

I’m happy with my decision now. Completely. This way feels the best way for us both, and hopefully less painful!

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