The Play Beach At Marsh Farm

Marsh Farm Animal Adventure Park is a place that holds so many fond memories. Although a lot has changed since my childhood visits there with my School, my parents and grandparents, it still remains one of my top favourite places to take the girls.

This time we had been lucky enough to visit Marsh Farm for their new Play Beach attraction that is open all summer. Our usual visits are during the Christmas season or at Easter. Both colder months of the year. This time was a real treat as we visited during the sunny heatwave we’d been having.

When we arrived we made our way round to the Play Beach area which is located next to the Jumping Pillows. I didn’t want the girls to get wet from the giant paddling pool too early so they just played in the sand. Marsh Farm have extended the sandy area to create a beach perfectly equipped with loads of sandcastle making equipment. It was soon after opening time so this area was very peaceful.

We then made our way round to the Theatre. There’s always something going on at Marsh Farm, their events are always entertaining and well thought out. Inside the theatre Bam Bam the Childs entertainer was performing a magic show. It was the usual cheese of magic shows and the girls loved it. Hubby was even picked to get involved which you can see in my video below. His face was a picture.

The tractor/trailer ride was next on our agenda. I remember a time when you could see the animals in the fields and it is quite sad that the number of animals has been significantly reduced at Marsh Farm to make way for Play areas and adventures. The trailer ride still takes you over to the marshes and you can see a few sheep and the usual butterflies and ducks in the water. It’s an exciting and bumpy ride.

P2 was especially excited to have a ride on the carousel and spinning teacups. Thankfully these were open by the time our trailer ride had finished. These rides are included in the entrance cost at Marsh Farm which is brilliant. I think more attractions should offer this.

We had a quick nip into the Stable Barn where they have a few beautiful ponies. This one pictured has the most beautiful light blue eyes and really enjoyed the girls giving her a pat. It was then time to head into the outdoor adventure play area.

Due to my lack of height, I am always the one to follow the girls onto the play equipment. It was great fun if I do say so myself. There’s many different levels, different ways to climb and slide, a great area to explore and create great imaginative games. We spent a good time in there before our tummies rumbled too much to ignore.

There’s a cafe situated right at the entrance to Marsh Farm which weirdly we’ve never eaten at. We always like the restaurant inside the indoor soft play as it serves a great variety hot food. It was pretty busy in there and after a little issue at ordering, we were served a plate of delicious sausages and chips. Perfect grub for my tribe.

Another new feature at Marsh Farm this summer is the Maize Maze. Sadly with the very long heatwave and complete lack of rain, the maize didn’t grow like it should have but it was still a really lovely experience. The girls really enjoyed it. Along the path there are funny scarecrow jokes and facts.

Once completing the maze you are handed a little bag of popcorn each. Even the grown ups. I think that’s such a great idea and during our trip it came at a great time for a snack.

We then headed back round to the Play Beach. It was busier at this point, the weather was warm and bright so it was bound to attract guests wanting to cool off. Marsh Farm had installed a little children’s changing area so we used it to pop the girls in their swimming costumes. Having that changing room was a genius idea in my opinion and gave children privacy to change.

There were two members of staff watching and actually inside the paddling pool so we allowed the girls to paddle without one of us joining. The water isn’t deep so my girls enjoyed splashing around and using the beach balls to throw at each other.

If I’m honest I think the girls loved the sand part the best. Although they kept hopping back to the paddling pool, they all just wanted to build sand castles and bury each other. Hubby and I even got involved. There were some boisterous boys that kept smashing our castles down but we swiftly built them back up again.

Pretty proud of the below creation, finished off with our family handprints. What do you think?

It was getting quite late at this point so we decided to head back round to the entrance area where they now have Crazy Golf, a wooden maze, another outdoor play area and a jewel hunting area.

The girls had no idea what they were doing with the crazy golf but had so much joy giving it a go. Hubby and I just followed them round laughing at their efforts.

We then took some time to hunt jewels inside a massive sandpit. That was surprisingly therapeutic and great fun! We ended up finding six tiny shiny gems which were exchanged at the end of our visit for a certificate. They even got to keep one gem each. I’m going to do something similar at home

We had such a good time at Marsh Farm, as always! It’s the one place we can guarantee fun for the girls whatever the weather. The Play Beach is there until the end of the school summer holidays so I’d highly recommend a visit. Take a look at our video from the day below!!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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